407 Dark Flight (Movie)

407 Dark Flight (Movie)

407 Dark Flight1


Ten years ago, flight SA-407 had supernatural occurrences leading to the death of all passengers leaving one flight attendant, New, unharmed by closing her eyes until the plane landed.

At present time, the plane SA-407 had been repainted and made anew. A family, including Gift, Phen and Jamras, A tourist Ann, her admirer Wave, a couple John and Michelle, a flight attendant Prince, and an engineer of flight, Bank, a monk, an old woman and a pervert American and two other lady attendants and a pilot with the captain board the plane.

Oxygen in the plane started to lower and Bank is forced to go to fix it in the cargo hold. The old woman dies in the process. Bank informs new of a possible short-circuit and starts repairing the oxygen pressurizer. New almost collapses in the process, before she is safely brought to the top by Bank. When strange occurrences started to occur from dead bodies disappearing to possessed passengers started killing each other until Gift, Jamras, Phen, Bank and New are the only ones left. Phen is possessed and strangles New but a cart rolls and kills Phen with forks. Bank and Jamras drive and landed the plane safely. Multiple times, during the oxygen-run, Phen had uttered against New, telling that she is the root to every paranormal activity on the airplane, but she was suppressed by Jamras and Gift. At the ambulance, Gift asks where New is and Bank sees her soul in the plane. It just shows that she died with Phen and it all happened because 10 years ago, New only saved herself and did not help the others, thus the spirits wanted to avenge themselves. The film ends when the plane is scheduled to be repainted again and New’s spirit is seen sitting inside the plane.