Mallika, a powerful and evil enchantress, plans to take over the world. Her servant Hassan, tricks her but then turns into a Genie and gets trapped in a lamp.

500 years later, a boy named Aladdin is born in Baghdad. He is a kind-hearted lad. He is tasked by the evil Grand Vizier of Baghdad, Zafar, to find the lamp in exchange for 10,000 gold coins, but gets trapped in a cave. He rubs the lamp and becomes the master of the Genie of The Lamp. He names the Genie as Ginu. Zafar tries to steal the lamp from Aladdin but fails.

Aladdin loves Princess Yasmine of Baghdad. He meets her many times but doesn’t know that she is the princess. He gradually develops a friendship with her as she also hides her real identity and reveals herself as Sana.Later the two fall in love.

Zafar finds the Genie Of The Ring and with his help, he finds Ginu and turns him evil. He traps Aladdin by framing him for the murder of the Sultan i.e. Yasmine’s father. This breaks Yasmine’s heart. Zafar betrays Genie Of The Ring. Aladdin is buried alive by Yasmine’s orders.