Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (English Sub)

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (English Sub)



A man risks fate for a woman he loves.

Soo-Ho (Kim Rae-Won) is a successful businessman who lives abroad. Those that oppose Soo-Ho always seem to suffer misfortune. He decides to go to South Korea find Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung), but first he goes to Slovenia.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Hae-Ra works at a travel agency, but she has never had a chance to travel abroad. She had a happy childhood until her parents died. Her life has been miserable ever since. She thinks back to a purple cashmere coat that her parents ordered for her as a Christmas present, but she could not pick up because of their demise. She decides to go to Sharon’s Boutique and look for that coat in hopes of changing her fortune. After meeting Sharon (Seo Ji-Hye) at the boutique, she opens her eyes and finds her purple cashmere coat. Afterwards, people who give her a hard time suffer misfortune. She goes to Slovenia and meets Soo-Ho. Their fate has been intertwined since their past lives.