Eva Fonda

Eva Fonda



Eva de Jesus (Cristine Reyes) comes from a poor but a loving family in a small Philippine fishing village. After losing her father at an early age, she and her mother Edeng (Sylvia Sanchez) have been making ends meet on their own. De Jesus wishes to finish school and settle down with her boyfriend Joel Dakila (Jason Abalos). She is perpetually targeted by the town’s men because of their perception of her as beautiful and innocent.

When town rich kid Val Mendez (Baron Geisler) returns from Manila, he seeks out and rapes de Jesus; causing her life to circle the drain. Her boyfriend leaves her, and her family is devastated. In her quest to seek justice, she accidentally stabs Mendez’s father, Don Ismael (Mark Gil). Whilst imprisoned, her sister dies from a freak accident. De Jesus escapes imprisonment and flees to Manila. Whilst there, she saves beauty agency manager Patricia “Tita Patty” Rosal (BB Gandanghari) from an assailant; grateful, Rosal offers her work as a model.

De Jesus’s modelling career rises quickly, and Rosal informs her a Japanese company has hired them. She and de Jesus fly to Japan, where they meet company president Toshiro Fonda (Lito Legaspi). Fonda secretly plans to marry de Jesus; de Jesus accepts and their marriage is solemnised; however, a week after their wedding, Toshiro dies from heart complications.

Eva, now surnamed Fonda, returns to the Philippines, only to be preyed on by Mendez again. Mendez has kidnapped Dakila and another friend, Rosanna “Osang” Paredes (Princess Ryan), and confined them in a dilapidated building.