Galema: Anak ni Zuma

Galema: Anak ni Zuma



Galema: Anak ni Zuma┬ábegan with Galela (Sheryl Cruz), who was raped by Zuma (Derick Hubalde), which resulted in the child Galema (Andi Eigenmann). Galela thought that her child was dead. But, Isabel (Sunshine Cruz), Galela’s sister, decides to keep her as her own child, though Galema is her niece.

Galema grew like a normal person despite carrying twin snakes on her neck. She hid them with her hair. Even though she is Zuma’s daughter, she supports the police in trying to defeat Zuma.

Isabel tries to ask Galela whether she supports Zuma and whether, if her child with Zuma had survived, would she accept her? Galela said no. This hurts so much for Galema knowing that she is Galela’s daughter.

Morgan (Matteo Guidicelli), Galema’s long time friend, proposes to Galema. Galema accepts. Gina (Meg Imperial), Galema’s “sister” (she is really Galema’s cousin), tries to seduce Morgan one night before the wedding. But, Morgan’s loyalty for Galema prevails so he pushes Gina away.

When Morgan and Galema are almost officially husband and wife, they face a big obstacle because Galema’s half-brother Dean (Kit Thompson), Zuma’s son from another girl, and Zuma, go to the wedding to get Galema’s twin snakes, because he thinks that he will become a normal person if he gets Galema’s snake, but it is just Zuma’s way to kill Galema.

Galela is surprised, because she sees Galema’s snake with her own eyes. Galela then treats Galema poorly. Galema, longing for her mother’s acceptance, does anything her mother wants, including leaving the house because Galela remembers what Zuma did to her everytime she sees Galema.

Galema gets pregnant. The doctor says that the fetus has a mysterious long creature surrounding the baby’s neck. Galema gives birth to a baby boy and a snake. Morgan loves Ethan but cannot accept Sophia as she is a snake.

Meanwhile, Joseph (Bodie Cruz), proposes to Gina. Gina arranges a party at their house. Joseph, not knowing Galema has a snake child, thought that the snake would bite him. Because of his nervousness, he throws things at Sophia. Sophia bites him and he dies. Gina, due to her anger at Sophia, tries to kill Sophia and to burn her,

Galela is slowly accepting Galema in her life. But, Zuma’s poison in her body prevailed, and she becomes Galema’s biggest enemy.

At the end, Galema defeats Zuma (but not kill him because Zuma can’t die), by putting all her poison in Zuma’s body before returning it to him (she managed to behead Zuma in the past). After that, Galema still needs to face her mom. Galela swallows Galema, until Galema can’t breathe in her stomach. But, Galela’s love for her child Galema prevails. She stabs herself to let Galema out. Galela dies to save Galema.

An amulet can make Galema a normal person. However, she gives it Sophia.

Years later, Galema and Morgan’s children grow up. At the swimming pool, Zuma appears to get Ethan (Lance Lucido), but before that, Galema shows up and challenges Zuma for a fight.