High Society

Scarlet-high society


Jang Yoon-ha is the youngest daughter of a chaebol family.Her family is a mess. Hated by her mother, she wants to live a normal life like a normal person.She is arranged to marry a young chaeboll Yoo Chang Soo [(Park Hyung Sik)].She hides her identity and works as a part time sales woman in a super market and befriends with Le Yi Ri who wants to marry a rich man and starts dreaming about it. Who is a poor girl lee ji ri has a crush on Choi Joon ki a brilliant and hard worker and friend of Yoo Chang soo who comes from poor family and wants to become rich by marrying a rich girl. Joon ki catches Yoon Ra’s attention and she proposes to her. Yoo Chang soo flirts with Lee ji ri and they become a couple.Yoon ra starts a relationship with joon ki and it goes well.Yoon ra and her brother who is the only hope of the top management of the company,goes to Mexico in flight and she departed early before reaching Mexico, The flight gets crashed and her brother also dies,Yoon ra’s mother blames Yoon ra for her son’s death and starts crying and drinking continusly.Joon ki secretly released yoon ra’s photo in public without her knowledge and revealed she is a heiress.Yoon Ha becomes a celebrity. Yoon Ha’s brother transferred all of his shares to Yoon ra.One day, Yoon Ha visits Yoon ki’s house. She meets his mother and unknowingly she shows Yoon ra’s childhood photo in Joon ki’s drawer. Heartbroken Yoon Ha leaves his house angrily,she decides to join in the company for cosmetics department. Yoon ha’s sister who would do anything to have control over the company.On the other hand, Yoo Chang soo and Lee Ji yi relationship is shakened by Chang soo’s mother.