How to Steal a Dog (Movie)

how to steal a dog


Ten-year-old Ji-so lives in a van with her mother Jeong-hyeon and younger brother Ji-seok. Her father disappeared after their pizza business went bankrupt. When she sees a missing dog poster with a five-hundred-dollar reward, Ji-so naively believes that that amount of money would be enough to buy her family a house. So she hatches a plan with her friend Chae-rang to find a dog with a rich owner, steal it, then return the dog by pretending to have found it and get the reward. Their target is Wolly, the dog of an old rich lady who owns the restaurant where Ji-so’s mom works. While undertaking their “perfect” plan, they befriend Dae-po, a homeless man living in the abandoned building where they’ve stashed the dog. But someone else is after Wolly: Soo-young, the old lady’s nephew, who’ll stop at nothing to gain his aunt’s inheritance. In the end, Ji-so and her family gets a house and Soo-young becomes homeless.