Itaewon Class (English Sub)

Itaewon Class (English Sub)



In 2006, high schooler Park Sae-Ro-Yi (Park Seo-Joon) was jailed for 2 years after attempting to kill Jang Geun-Won (Ahn Bo-Hyun). Geun-Won is the son of Jang Dae-Hee (Yoo Jae-Myung) and heir to the Jangga Group (Korea’s largest food corporation). Because of their financial influence, Geun-Won leads a spoiled life and is able to bully people with impunity. Geun-Won accidentally crashed his car and killed Saeroyi’s father, but Dae-Hee had someone else take the fall and manipulated the evidence; Saeroyi tried to kill Geun-Won for his father but his classmate and first love, Oh Soo-A (Kwon Na-Ra), stopped him. He was arrested and tried guilty for attempted murder and assault. Motivated to get revenge, he survived his sentence and vowed for vengeance.

By 2009, Saeroyi was released from jail. He used that time by studying Dae-Hee’s autobiography to understand his success and make plans for his future. During Halloween, Saeroyi came to Itaewon and had a fun night hanging with Soo-A. As they talked about the future, Saeroyi said he likes Itaewon and wants to open his own restaurant. To her shock, Saeroyi intends to carry out this plan 7 years into the future while heading to work for a fishing vessel in the meantime. Soo-A was financially supported by Saeroyi’s dad during her time at the orphanage; she carries a sense of guilt for her career path to Jangga. However, Saeroyi never blamed her and wished for her success. Afterwards, they bid each other farewell and haven’t seen each other since.

Seven years later (2016), Saeroyi managed to open his restaurant-bar Danbam. Supporting and working under Saeroyi is Choi Seung-Kwon (Ryoo Kyung-Soo), Ma Hyun-Yi (Lee Joo-Young), Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi), Jang Geun-Soo (Kim Dong-Hee), and Tony Kim (Chris Lyon). With Yi-Seo as the manager, she used her social media influence and skills to help Danbam become a successful business. When it was revealed that Saeroyi secretly owns a large amount of Jangga’s stocks, Dae-Hee forced Saeroyi to sell all of it. Dae-Hee bought the building of Danbam and would’ve bought every future building to hinder him; Saeroyi liquified his stocks to buy his own building to avoid the problem. Geun-Soo is the 2nd heir to Jangga and romantically interested in Yi-seo. However, Yi-Seo only loved Saeroyi and that motivated Geun-Soo to leave and plot to ruin Saeroyi. With the help of Yi-Seo, Geun-Won’s murder of Saeroyi’s dad and manipulation of evidence came into light and was sentenced to 7 years of jail. Dae-Hee abandoned Geun-Won in order to save his chairmanship with Jangga and groomed Geun-Soo as his next heir.

After gaining public notoriety from Hyun-Yi becoming the first transgendered female chef champion in the Best Pub TV show, they got the attention of a major investor to franchise their business. Becoming incorporated, they named their company as I.C. (Itaewon Class) Co. Their corporation nearly fell apart before it started when it was discovered the investor was an agent for Dae-Hee and pulled their massive investment out, causing other investors to abandon them. To salvage the situation, they managed to find another rich investor and helped them become a successful global franchise.

By 2020, the I.C. Company is now the 2nd largest competitor to Jangga. Geun-Soo has risen to director of Jangga and proven a better heir than Geun-Won; he still hates Saeroyi because of Yi-Seo. Things would change with the return of Geun-Won and Dae-Hee’s cancer. Geun-Won has been released early from jail and on a quest for vengeance against Saeroyi. Dae-Hee has been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and has only 6 months to live. While many saw this as karmic punishment, Saeroyi called Dae-hee to tell him he can’t die before he gets his vengeance. Amused that the only person that wants him to live is his enemy, Dae-hee enjoys this final conflict with Saeroyi.

At IC, Saeroyi is starting to have feelings for Yi-Seo. Soo-A and Saeroyi continue to have an emotional relationship, but it was apparent to Soo-A that his feelings are changing. After Yi-Seo collapses from over-working for Saeroyi’s sake, he realizes he’s in love with Yi-Seo. Before he could confess his love for Yi-Seo, she was kidnapped by Geun-Won and Hee-Hoon’s gang. Saeroyi tried to get Yi-Seo back but was critically injured when Hee-Hoon’s men tried to run Geun-Soo over but was saved by Saeroyi. Hospitalized in critical condition, Saeroyi meets with his father in the afterlife to cross over, but he wasn’t ready to die yet and awakens.

After recovering from his near-death-experience, Saeroyi goes to see Dae-hee. He knows Dae-hee is aware of Geun-Won’s whereabouts. Dae-hee wouldn’t talk unless Saeroyi kneels and after resisting him for almost 15 years, he submitted to kneeling to save Yi-Seo. Saeroyi eventually makes it to rescue Yi-Seo and confesses his feelings for her. Geun-Won had a showdown with Saeroyi and lost, the cops made it and arrested Geun-Won. In the aftermath, Jangga was ruined because Soo-A whistle blew 10 years worth of illegal activities, forcing the company to close. Dae-Hee tried to use all his influence to save his company but everyone severed ties. As a last ditch effort, he went to see Saeroyi and kneeled before him, pleading with him in tears to save his company. However, Saeroyi intends a corporate takeover by absorbing Jangga into IC. With his revenge completed and dating Yi-Seo, Saeroyi found peace and happiness from all his struggles.