Like for Likes (Movie)

Like for Likes (Movie)

Like for Likes1


The movie follows three couples relying on social media to communicate their innermost feelings.

Recently discharged from the military, Noh Jin-woo (Yoo Ah-in) is a popular actor. Jo Kyung-ah (Lee Mi-yeon) is a screenwriter for television drama series. She doesn’t want to ask Jin-woo, but asks him anyway to perform in her next drama series. Jin-woo turns down her offer. At a wedding, Jin-woo sees Kyung-ah’s young child Bom. Jin-woo wonders if he is the father.

Jung Sung-chan (Kim Joo-hyuk) runs a small Japanese restaurant. Before his wedding, he leases an apartment from flight attendant Ham Joo-ran (Choi Ji-woo), but Sung-chan is dumped by his fiancĂ©. At the same time, flight attendant Joo-ran learns that she was ripped off and now doesn’t have a place to stay. Sung-chan offers to share the apartment with her.

Lee Soo-ho (Kang Ha-neul) is a songwriter. He is also deaf from a car accident that he was involved in high school. Soo-ho has never had a girlfriend. He is a regular customer at Sung-chan’s Japanese restaurant. One day, at Sung-chan’s restaurant, he meets drama series producer Jang Na-yeon (Esom). They have a good time eating and drinking together. After exchanging messages on Facebook, Soo-ho and Na-yeon go on a few dates together. Soo-ho is unable to tell her about his hearing disability.