Love Thy Woman



Dana Wong Chao and Jia Wong are Chinoy half sisters of billionaire Adam Wong, with two different women: Lucy Lee Wong, Adam’s wife, and Kai Estrella, Adam’s mistress.

Both Wong daughters are beautiful, charming and intelligent, they are being groomed to work and someday lead and head Dragon Empire Builders, a multi-million real estate family business established by their father Adam Wong.

Adam acknowledged his relationship with Kai and his daughter Jia.

Lucy belongs to a wealthy family from Singapore, her mother was one of the Filipina wives of her father. When her mother left, Lucy was raised by her father’s wealthy family who hated and mistrusted Filipinos. So when Lucy feel in love with a Filipino, her father disowned her and cursed her.

Lucy never saw her family again. After Adam’s indiscretion, Lucy saw it as the beginning of her father’s curse. Forced to acceyou her husband’s new relationship, the two families lived peacefully under Adam’s care, and acknowledged by society as the two families of Adam. The two sisters grew up close, with distinct personalities, but close nevertheless.nd Lucy never accepts Kia but swallows every humiliation.

Jia Wong is an interior designer from the University of the Philippines. . Dana finished Architecture from University of California in Berkeley where she fell in-love with David Chao. Soon, Dana got pregnant and a grand wedding dubbed as the Wedding of the Year began in a fairy-tale-like fashion but ended with a tragic car accident. The bride and groom survived but Dana fell into a deep coma.

Medical experts from different countries stepped in with modern treatments but nobody could induce Dana out of coma. The whole Family including the Wongs and the Chaos took turns taking care and watching over Dana for nearly a year until the inevitable reality kicked in that this is already a hopeless case.

It was during this emotionally-trying times that Jia and David bonded over their shared grief of losing a loved-one anytime soon. A friendship bond that eventually blossomed into love which later resulted in chaos within the family. Harsh moral judgement ensued which forced the two to go someplace far to start a new life not knowing that their bittersweet happiness will be short-lived. Then an unexpected miracle happened. Dana is finally out of coma. From keeping the Chinese tradition and Filipino values alive, to keeping up with the changing times, Love Thy Woman is a family saga spanning two generations which explores love’s shadow side and duplicitous polarity called Betrayal. A family’s journey on how they all finally worked on the path to heal the wounds of the past and cultivate a climate of love and trust inside this place they always flee from but would always go back to… this one place called HOME