Miss Ripley

Scarlet-miss ripley


Jang Mi-Ri (Lee Da-Hae) works as hostess in Japan. She is held there to payoff her stepfather’s debt. The evening that Mi-Ri finally pays off her stepfather’s debt, the bar owner Hirayama (Kim Jeong-Tae) still doesn’t let her go. Mi-Ri then runs away from the place and is able to make it to South Korea.

Mi-Ri then rents a small room in South Korea. In the same building, Yootaka (Micky Yoochun) also rents a room. Yootaka has recently arrived from Japan as well and he rents the low-budget room even though he comes from an affluent family. He hopes to learn the ways of the world on his own.

Mi-Ri, becoming situated in South Korea, works various part-time jobs like washing cars while also seeking out permanent employment. This is important because as a Japanese citizen Mi-Ri needs to find a permanent job to stay in the country. Unfortunately, Mi-Ri finds it difficult to find a permanent job due to her educational background – Mi-Ri only has a high school degree and didn’t attend college. Time is running out for Mi-Ri.

Meanwhile, Jang Myung-Hoon (Kim Seung-Woo) works for a hotel owned by his father-in-law. His wife is renown pianist Lee Gui-Yeon (Hwang Ji-Hyun). To placate an important customer at the hotel, Myung-Hoon needs to find someone able to speak the Japanese Hataka dialect. His searches comes up empty as that spoken dialect is extremely rare in South Korea.

Mi-Ri goes for another interview hoping to find a permanent job. This time, Mi-Ri is sexually assaulted by her interviewer. She is able to fight off the man and escape out of the buliding. While leaving, Mi-Ri is almost hit by a car. The man driving the car is Jang Myung-Hoon. He gets out of the car and asks if she is OK. Mi-Ri, angry over her entire situation, blurts out words in Japanase. Jang Myung-Hoon, who is still looking for someone able to speak the Hataka dialect, recognizes that Mi-Ri could fill that position. Myung-Hoon offers to hire her temporarily for a few days to see if she can do the work. Mi-Ri passes on the offer because her deadline to find a permanent job is approaching and she needs a permanent job. Mi-Ri then says hopelessly, “… even if I graduated from Tokyo University I won’t be hired.” Myung-Hoon, not understanding her correctly, says since you graduated from Tokyo University there is no reason not to hire you. This is how her lie begins …