My Daughter Seo-Young

Scarlet-my daughter seo young


“Seo-Young, My Daughter” tells the story of a father who separates with his daughter, their love, hate and reconciliation.

Seo-Young (Lee Bo-Young) is a senior in college who majors in law. During her summer vacation, she is busy with part-time jobs to pay for her living expenses and school tuition. One day, she gets a phone call that her mother has collapsed. Her parents live on Jeju Island. To get to the airport immediately, she hops on a motorcycle, belonging to someone else, and drives herself to the airport. Meanwhile, Woo-Jae (Lee Sang-Yoon) has just been discharged from the army and is in Gangnam to meet a friend. There, Seo-Young steals his motorcycle right in front of him and rides off. Woo-Jae attempts to chase her.

Seo-Young is able to get to the airport and boards a flight to Jeju Island. When Seo-Young arrives at the hospital, she learns that her mother has already passed away. Seo-Young is shocked. Around this time, her father Sam-Jae (Cheon Ho-Jin) is gambling when he learns that his wife has passed away. Sam-Jae rushes to the hospital. After her funeral, Seo-Young knows that her father is in debt and pays off her his debt. Due to spending her money on her father’s debt, Seo-Young now has to take the semester off from school. Seo-Young takes a job as a private tutor for Sung-Jae (Lee Jung-Shin). On the first day of her tutoring job she meets Woo-Jae (the guy she stole the motorcycle from) who is Sung-Jae’s older brother.