Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit



Michaela “Mikmik” Dimaano is a bright, wise cracking 10-year-old girl living happily with her mother, Ella and her adoptive grandmother Esther in a quiet province. Everything changes when Ella is diagnosed with late onset leukemia, the same time Mikmik discovers her true relations to Divina Salvador, a wealthy businesswoman. In order to pay for her mother’s medication, Mikmik, with the help of Esther, visits Divina but is rejected, as Ella is blamed for her stepbrother’s death, Eric. Ella then dies, and Mikmik is taken by Ruth, her late mother’s best friend, to live with the Salvadors.

The Salvador family consists of the matriarch, Divina Savador, the wife of the late Gabriel Salvador, her daughter in-law, Katrina Salvador, and her granddaughters, the harsh and envious Amber Salvador, and the misguided but kind hearted Britney Salvador. Mikmik immediately finds refuge and comfort in Benjie and Ruth’s eldest son, Joseph, but has to face the spite and cruelties of her cold stepgrandmother Divina, her wicked step aunt Katrina, and her older stepcousin Amber. The two older women’s hatred stemmed from the fact that Mikmik is the only legitimate heir to the Salvador wealth: Ella is in fact the legitimate child of Gabriel as his marriage with Ella’s mother was not annulled, making Divina a mistress, and Eric himself was Divina’s adoptive son, due to the fact she cannot bear children.

When Michael a mysterious man from the past resurfaces and creates a paternal connection with Mikmik, things escalate to greater heights. As family feuds worsen to great levels, no lies will remain undiscovered, no secrets will remain unrevealed, and soon in the end Mikmik will finally get the happiness and the complete family that she truly deserves.