Prince of Wolf (English Sub)

Scarlet-prince of wolf


The story begins with Du Zhe Ming (Zhang Yu Zheng) walking between the forest in the deep woods and his parents are searching for him. While wandering he saves a female wolf from harm. Du Zhe Ming is waiting for his parents but due to heavy rains his parents couldn’t find him and the officer claim him to be dead. Seeing Du Zhe Ming alone the Wolf King decides to take Zhe Ming into the wolf tribe. After some years a grown Du Zhe Ming (Derek Chang) is living among the wolves knows how to hunt and survive in the wild without forgetting his human traits. Tian Mi Mi (Amber An) is an amateur photographer who decides to go to Wolf Mountain to take pictures of the breathtaking landscape. When Tian Mi Mi falls into a valley, Zhe Ming saves her and takes her back to his cave. Fascinated by the first woman he has encountered, Zhe Ming is convinced that Mi Mi is his female wolf mate and is mesmerized by her. So, Zhe Ming decides to leave his wolf life behind to follow Mi Mi back into the human world with his wolf. In the human world Zhe Ming starts living with Mi Mi and her family. Mi Mi teach him to live human life and even makes him join in her office. Mi Mi works in a company under Jian Hao Wei (Samuel Gu). He is an adopted son of Jiang Ping(John) and Wen Pei Yi(Mandy), they are the parents of Du Zhe Ming. Zhe Ming encounters Hao Wei showing his love interest towards Mi Mi which makes a love triangle fight between them. But Mi Mi falls in love with Zhe Ming due to his innocence. Mandy buys a gift and celebrates Zhe Ming birthday as every year in memory of her son with the faith that he will return. Soon John finds out about Zhe Ming existence and tries to keep him away from his company and family as he is the real heir which he does not want Hao Wei to lose. He plots many chaos against Zhe Ming and makes him lead back to the forest. When Chen Shu Pei (Lin Min Chen) finds out the real identity of Zhe Ming, she reveals about it to Mandy. With Mi Mi they go to the wolf mountain to bring Zhe Ming back. After arriving back Zhe Ming started staying with his family and reveals to his father that he did not forget his sin back in the childhood where John knowingly leaves Zhe Ming in between the forest. Hao Wei becomes furious about Zhe Ming handling the company and receiving more love and faith from his grandfather. Zhe Ming arrange marriage is fixed with Chen Shu Pei which allows John to separate him from Mi Mi. But with the help of their friends they conquer all the misunderstanding between them. John’s every chaos against Zhe Ming starts failing and Hao Wei too left him and started supporting Zhe Ming after knowing the real intention of his father. John kills Zhe Ming’s wolf in the cave and plots a plan to kill Zhe Ming too with an accident to end his problem but fails it by harming Hao Wei. In the hospital John confess to Mandy and her father about all his sins and also reveals that Hao Wei is his own son with his love. Mandy is furious with him but Zhe Ming Forgives him. Mi Mi and Zhe Ming got married but stays separately for her career and after completing her work she returns back to Zhe Ming in the party. Chen Shu Pei and Hao Wei starts developing feelings for each other. In the end Zhe Ming and his son walks between the trees of the wolf mountain but soon he disappear while Zhe Ming was talking to Mi Mi in phone. When Mi Mi and Zhe Ming starts searching all over the forest they ends up finding their son and Zhe Ming’s wolf alive.