Queen of Ambition

Scarlet-queen of ambition


The special prosecutor’s investigation team arrives at the Presidential Blue House. They are investigating the First Lady for allegedly accepting bribes. As they begin to embark on their search and seizure, First Lady Da-Hae (Soo-Ae) appears in front of them. She asks special prosecutor Ha-Ryoo (Kwon Sang-Woo) to enter with her into the bedroom. There, Dae-Hae tells Ha-Ryoo to stop the investigation and the case will just disappear. Ha-Ryoo then shouts out at her “Murder is different. Why did you kill me?” Da-Hae then turns around and points a gun at Ha-Ryoo. A gunshot is fired. Da-Hae and Ha-Ryoo embrace. Blood drips out onto the floor and the gun is dropped.

Prosecutor Ha-Ryoo grew up at an orphanage with First Lady Da-Hae as children. One day, her mother and stepfather came and took her away from the orphanage. Before she left, Da-Hae gave Ha-Ryoo a pair of dice.

Seven years later, Ha-Ryoo works at a horse riding stable. He goes to Seoul to meet Taek-Bae (Kwon Hyun-Sang), who also grew up at the same orphanage. Taek-Bae now works as an enforcer for a loan shark. He’s having a hard time collecting money from a borrower. Ha-Ryoo and Taek-Bae go to the house in a poor residential area to collect payment. Ha-Ryoo goes inside the house. He finds someone covered in a white fabric and a young woman sitting next to the body. Ha-Ryoo pulls back the white fabric and sees a dead body. The young woman suddenly collapses. Ha-Ryoo grabs the woman and realizes the woman is Da-Hae (his close friend from the orphanage). He calls for an ambulance.