Shining Inheritance

Scarlet-shining inheritance


During her visit home from studying abroad, Go EunSung’s father is declared dead from a gas explosion. Her stepmother takes the life insurance money and moves out with daughter, Yoo SeungMi, leaving EunSung and her autistic but musically-talented brother, EunJoo, without money or shelter. Soon after, EunJoo goes missing, leaving EunSung devastated.

The head of a food company, Jang SookJa is disappointed by her spoiled grandson and heir apparent, Sun WooHwan. After encountering EunSung, she is touched by EunSung’s compassion and work-ethic. SookJa’s brings EunSung to her home and announces that EunSung will become the new heir to the company. This understandably upsets Hwan, whose previous encounters with EunSung have already lead to some animosity. To further complicate matters, Hwan is SeungMi’s first love and marriage target.