Temptation of Wife

Scarlet-temptation of wife


Goo Eun-jae (Jang Seo-hee) graduated as a make-up artist major at a university and began preparations to study in France. Her dreams to study abroad are halted by pregnancy after Jung Gyo-bin (Byun Woo-min) takes advantage of her when she was drunk. She decides to marry him and give up on her dreams in order to be a responsible mother to her unborn child. Eun-jae’s pregnancy soon meets with a tragic miscarriage when she tries to protect her mother in law, Baek Mi-in (Geum Bo-ra), when she was pushed down the steps by a creditor of the said in-law. Eun-jae falls and loses her baby. It takes a long time until Eun-jae becomes pregnant again. Around this time, Shin Ae-ri (Kim Seo-hyung) returns from her five-year-long studies from France where she studied make-up.

Ae-ri grew up in the same household as Eun-jae ever since she became an orphan when she was 10 years old. Her family was on the way to the Goo’s household in order to have dinner with them when Ae-ri threw the clothes and doll at her father who was driving. Also because her father was driving during a storm, they ended crashing the car. Both Ae-ri’s parents dies and the Goo Family takes in Ae-ri and raise her for 20 years along with Eun-jae, treating her as if she was their own daughter. Later on, Ae-ri becomes the girlfriend of Eun-jae’s brother, Kang-jae (Choi Joon-yong). Then, she would have left for France, revealing that someone was taking care of her tuitions for her.

After 7 years of living with the Jung family as Gyo-bin’s housewife (and also as the housekeeper to the Jung family’s mansion), Eun-jae soon discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with Ae-ri. It turns out that it was he who had funded Ae-ri’s travel to France. To add to this insult, Ae-ri reveals that she bore Gyo-bin’s child five years prior named Jung Ni-no (Jung Yoon-sook). Eun-jae’s brother, Kang-jae, comes to know about the situation, upon which he sets out in anger to assault Gyo-bin. This event leads to Kang Jae and his mother in forcing Eun-jae to sign consent for a divorce. After the divorce, Gyo-bin and Ae-ri get married while Eun-jae moves back to her own family’s house. Ae-ri goes to pay a visit to Eun-jae, demanding her to get an abortion. Eun-jae refuses to do so because of which Gyo-bin drags her to a gynecologist in Sokcho, forcing her into aborting their baby. Eun-jae again refuses. Gyo-bin then drives her to Sokcho Beach, throwing her necklace, given by her father-in-law as a promise not to give up on Gyo-bin, into the sea. Eun-jae tries to save the necklace, but not knowing how to swim, she soon finds herself being dragged away by the waves. Eun-jae begs Gyo-bin to save her baby but Gyo-bin ignores Eun-jae and abandons her at sea to drown and die. Ae-ri and Gyo-bin decide to keep this all a secret, lying that Eun-jae had committed suicide. Ae-ri fakes Eun-jae’s suicide note which she gives to the police and Gyo-bin thereafter tells everybody that he had not seen Eun-jae the whole day.

In the midst of all this, Min Gun-woo (Lee Jae-hwang), the adoptive son of Lady Min (Jung Ae-ri) was near Sokcho in a search for his missing younger stepsister, Min So-hee (Chae Young-in). So-hee loved Gun-woo and wanted to marry him. When her mother, Lady Min refused, So-hee told Gun-woo to marry her secretly anyway. Gun-woo had decided not to tell his mother what was happening, as So-hee had run away from home. Lady Min arranged for another girl to marry Gun-woo, hoping that So-hee will give up and come back. So-hee arranges a marriage to Gun-woo on the same day as Lady Min arranges marriage. Gun-wo decides to follow his mother’s wishes and marries the other girl. So-hee devastated that he did not come, then walks into the sea to drown herself. Gun-woo, searching for So-hee, finds Eun-jae’s unconscious body instead. He then takes her to a physician doctor who reveals that she must lose the baby in order for her to be saved. Through the help of Gun-woo and the doctor, Eun-jae is allowed to live in the hospital for free where she worked at the same time to show her gratitude.

Lady Min, thinking Eun-jae’s experience was similar to hers, introduces Eun-jae to her home. Thereafter, Eun-jae takes on the identity of So-hee, in order to seek revenge against Gyo-bin and Ae-ri who had destroyed her life and tried to kill her. Gun-woo falls in love with Eun-jae in the process and Eun-jae with Gun-woo, but Eun-jae decides to hold her feelings back for him in order to fulfill her revenge. Ae-ri gets suspicious of the woman claiming to be So-hee. One day, the two women meet and Ae-ri is positive that So-hee is Eun-jae. Eun-jae acted well and said that Ae-ri was crazy. Gyo-bin divorces Ae-ri and marries So-hee (Eun-jae). Gyo-bin kicks Ae-ri out of her house but keeps Ni-no, his son with Eun-jae.