The Foreigner (Movie)

The Foreigner (Movie)



Ngoc Minh Quan, a widowed former Vietnam War special operations forces soldier, runs a Chinese restaurant called Happy Peacock in London with his business partner Lam and his teenage daughter Fan. When Fan is killed in a terrorist bombing, he seeks revenge. An Irish republican group calling itself the “Authentic IRA” claims responsibility. Quan takes to visiting Scotland Yard daily, asking for names of the bombers, but is told by police chief Commander Bromley that his repeated visits are diverting resources away from the investigation. Bromley advises Quan to be patient and warns him against going after the IRA. Undeterred, Quan takes matters into his own hands and next focuses on the Northern Ireland deputy First Minister and Sinn Féin politician Liam Hennessy, who speaks publicly about his status as a former Provisional IRA leader while condemning the attack. Quan purchases items to make homemade weapons and travels to Belfast, leaving the restaurant under Lam’s control.

Quan seeks out Hennessy at his office but Hennessy claims to have no knowledge of the bombing or its perpetrators before ejecting him from the premises. Quan does not believe him, and first sets off a homemade bomb in Hennessy’s building before leaving an explosive on Hennessy’s car as warnings unless he gets the bombers’ names. Hennessy tells his men to find Quan and stop him. Hoping to shore-up his career and influential political position, Hennessy tries to identify the culprits with help from his contacts and orders that known IRA weapons dumps be searched for missing explosives, but the Authentic IRA catches on and outwits him. Quan observes Hennessy seeing his mistress, Maggie, and photographs them kissing in a restaurant. Hennessy’s men find Quan but he fights them off and escapes.

Quan then brings the fight to Hennessy, hiding in the trees outside his farmhouse and attacking it with more explosives. As Hennessy’s henchmen attempt to track him in the forest, Quan uses traps to disable them but is shot in the shoulder and flees. Tending to his wounds, Quan recalls his escape from Vietnam in which his first two daughters were kidnapped and killed by pirates. Hennessy also investigates Quan’s background and discovers he was a former guerrilla fighter who was recruited by US special forces in Vietnam. After Quan ambushes Hennessy in his house, the latter contacts his nephew Sean Morrison, a former Royal Irish Regiment soldier in the hope that Morrison’s tracking skills can be used to stop Quan.

Later Hugh McGrath, one of Hennessy’s old IRA commanders during The Troubles arrives and asks Hennessy why his weapon dumps are being searched. Hennessy tells Hugh that the semtex used in the bombing came from one of his dumps. McGrath denies knowing anything and claims that everything was in order. McGrath then tells Hennessy that he believes the bombings should continue and tries to persuade Hennessy to think the same. Hennessy refuses, stating that his violent days are over and reveals that he secretly supports bombings, but only of financial targets that do not involve mass casualties. Angry, McGrath berates Hennessy, claiming that politics has made him soft and that he now only cares about his career rather than the IRA’s cause. McGrath then leaves, but not before Hennessy threatens him saying if the bombers aren’t caught, then he’s going after him next.

After a second bombing on a double-decker bus, Hennessy negotiates with British politician Katherine Davies and promises the capture of the terrorists in exchange for pardoning of several of his former IRA comrades. Meanwhile, Hennessy receives intel on the bombers and relays the information to Sean and the police. Commander Bromley finds out that Hugh McGrath is the ringleader of the Authentic IRA and notifies Hennessy of the discovery. Hennessy tortures McGrath into giving him the identities of the bombers with Maggie among them, whose real name is Sarah Mackay. Hennessy also discovers that the true mastermind of the recent Authentic IRA attacks is his own wife, Mary, who remains spiteful toward the British for the death of her brother and hates Hennessy for allowing his killers to be sent to prison rather than having them killed. In retaliation for his betrayal and for involving his wife and mistress, Hennessy shoots McGrath. He also learns that Sean leaked information to Mary while having an affair with her. Sean finds Quan’s hiding place in the forest. After a knife fight, Quan captures Sean, who names the terrorists and their location in London before Quan lets him go. When Sean returns to the farmhouse, Hennessy admonishes his nephew, orders him to assassinate Mary and then to depart to America and never return.

As the police and MI5 prepare to raid the bombers’ London hideout, Quan enters the flat disguised as a handyman and kills everyone but Maggie. Quan leaves just before the police storm the apartment and find a severely wounded Maggie. They torture her into disclosing the location of their next bomb, which has been planted in a laptop belonging to a reporter whom Maggie seduced, and is to be detonated on a plane carrying several British dignitaries to an international conference in Rome. With only seconds to spare, British police throw the laptop into an empty jet bridge, where it detonates without casualties. With the threat resolved, Maggie is executed to prevent any “loose ends.” Hennessy gets a call from Davies, who was scheduled to be on the targeted flight. She tells him that she has learned of his involvement with the bombers, but having helped prevent the last attack, he will be allowed to retain his position as deputy First Minister, albeit under her control. Sean later executes Mary, eliminating the entire Authentic IRA cell as a result.

Quan confronts Hennessy with the picture of him kissing Maggie, which is enough to throw public suspicion on Hennessy and his role in the bombings. He forces Hennessy to post the picture on the internet, thus publicly exposing his association with the Authentic IRA and destroying his political career, and returns home, reuniting with his friend Lam. Scotland Yard realizes Quan’s role in the events and has him put under surveillance, but Bromley decides not to take any further action as Quan has suffered enough and as a thanks for his assistance.