The Tsunami Warrior (Movie)

The Tsunami Warrior (Movie)



Queen Hijau (The Green Queen) of Pattani faces overthrow by the rebel Prince Rawai, who is allied with pirate captain Black Raven. The pirates attempt to capture a huge cannon built by Dutchman Janis Bree and Chinese inventor Lim Kiam, but the Dutch ship carrying the cannon blows up and the cannons sink into the sea.

Meanwhile, an orphaned sea gypsy boy named Pari (meaning “stingray”) lies in a fishing village which is constantly under attack by Black Raven’s raiding parties. The boy, gifted in the magical art of Dulum, is taken by his uncle Anyar to learn the magical ways of the ocean from White Ray. However, the sage refuses to teach the boy. Nevertheless, Pari is soon able to communicate with the marine life. He grows into manhood and fights against Black Raven’s pirates.

Black Raven, who also a practitioner in the Dulum ocean magical arts, has been trying unsuccessfully to raise the huge cannon from the sea.

The local ruler, Queen Hijau, wants her own large cannon and seeks out Lim Kiam, whom she finds is living in the sea gypsy village. She sends away her sisters, Princess Biru (The Blue Princess) and Princess Ungu (The Purple Princess). They are under the protection of the queen’s loyal commander, the fierce silat exponent Lord Yarang.

Yarang comes under attack at the village by Black Raven’s. Pari helps fight off the pirates, and Yarang escapes. Princess Ungu was thought to have been killed, but she was rescued by Pari and taken to White Ray’s remote island.

A romance develops between Ungu and Pari, but Ungu is intended to marry the Prince of Pahang, an important ally of Langkasuka. Pari himself is still tortured by memories of the death of his childhood sweetheart at the hands of Black Raven’s men.

Pari encounters Black Ray, an evil, unstable alter ego of White Ray, and begins to learn more about Dulum and the conflict between the black and white sides of the magic.

Eventually, all the forces – the rebel prince, the pirates, the ocean sorcerers, the queen and the princesses – battle for the sunken cannon. During this battle, Black Raven uses a pair of whales to tow a raft with a heavy cannon into range of the castle walls. Pari – previously presumed to be dead – responds by rising from the ocean, standing on the back of a manta ray. He calls to the whales who slip their bonds and breach, landing on and destroying Black Raven’s raft