You’re my Destiny (Thai)

Scarlet-youre my destiny


Wanida (Esther) is a typical office girl in today’s life. With thick glasses, extremely popular appearance, very honest personality … Wanida is often asked by colleagues in the company “in the way” that no one wants. Pawut (Bie) is the general manager of a reputable company, whose looks are elegant, intelligent… More like that, Pawut is a very common man. He has a girlfriend and is always in love, spoiled with that girl. It would not have happened if Wanida and Pawut were not together to set foot on the ship so that love god brought them together with a night of inexpensive love. Wanida then finds out that she is pregnant and Pawut is obliged to take responsibility for her. They both got married when neither Pawut nor Wanida knew about the other. Will love come to Pawut and Wanida? Will the journey that they come together will be challenging or extremely smooth as the cause they were originally married?